Pet Health Plan

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Pet Health Plan

Our Premier Health Plan is the simple way to support your pet’s health while saving money.

Your pet will need routine treatments and vaccinations throughout its life, and our plan gives the peace of mind that comes from knowing that care is covered.

We offer our Premier Health Plan for your cats and dogs, breaking down the costs of routine veterinary services to a monthly direct debit, and giving your pet its vaccinations, parasite prevention and regular checks throughout the year.


What's Included

  • Annual vaccinations and health check 
  • Kennel cough vaccinations (dogs only) 
  • Six month health pet check
  • Prescription flea and worm control for a year

Plus 20% of neutering, in house bloods, HPM food, dental scale & polish 




Extra Large Dog Plan (40-56kg)


Extra Large Dog Plan (40-56kg) - Premium


Giant Dog Plan (56-76kg) - Premium


Giant Dog Plan (56-76kg)


Medium Dog Plan (10-20kg)


Small Dog Plan (0-10kg)


Small Dog Plan (0-10kg) - Premium


Cat Plan - Premium


Cat Plan


Large Dog Plan (20-40kg) - Premium


Large Dog Plan (20-40kg)


Medium Dog Plan (10-20kg) - Premium