Round-the-clock care for horses across Yorkshire and Lancashire

Our Keighley site is well equipped with a large consulting room with stocks, stables for inpatients, an operating theatre and trot up and lunge areas, making us prepared for every eventuality. 

We also work with racecourses at Southwell, Ripon and Doncaster, and provide veterinary cover for local shows, events, point-to-point races and competitions.

So whether you've got a racehorse, pony or donkey, you can count on us to deliver a fantastic service.



Our equine team offers 24/7 emergency care, routine services and advanced work including lameness work-ups, dental care, pre-purchase examinations, reproduction work, surgeries and more.

Services we offer


Equine Vaccinations

We provide vaccinations for horses, ponies and donkeys against all major diseases, including equine influenza, tetanus and herpes.


Equine Worming

Helping you to prevent and treat roundworms, tapeworms and bots, if appropriate, through worming and poo picking, rotating your horse’s grazing, worm egg counts in our laboratory and more.


Equine Dental

Advice on optimal dental hygiene, as well as procedures from examinations and routine rasping to wolf teeth removal and more. We can also refer horses for advanced treatments.



Lameness can be caused by many factors. We offer in house diagnosis, treatment and performance investigations for lameness.



Our knowledgeable team can advise you on the best castration options for your horse, standing or under general anaesthetic as well as the best aftercare.



We are a BEVA approved artificial insemination (AI) practice, and offer an embryo transfer service and AI with frozen or chilled semen.



Our modern equipment allows us to diagnose problems such as equine gastric ulcer syndrome in-house or at your horse’s yard.


Identification and export certifications

We offer help and advice on obtaining the correct passport, as well as any necessary documentation for travel such as export certificate paperwork for your horse.


Riding establishment inspections

We are able to perform riding establishment inspections for local councils, and can help with getting the correct licence for hiring our horses, ponies and donkeys.


Pre-purchase Examinations

We can perform pre-purchase examinations at our practice. Before buying a horse we highly recommend a pre-purchase examination.