We offer various products that come in the form of tablets and spot on.

We advise worming treatments are administered as follows:

Puppies – from 2 weeks of age, weighing over 0.5kg – monthly

Kittens – from 6 weeks of age, weighing over 0.5kg – monthly

Dogs/Cats – from 6 months of age – every 3 months

Nurse appointments are available if you would prefer us to administer the treatment for you.


These are the biggest concern for puppies and kittens because they can be passed through the mother during pregnancy or through her milk after the birth. They can cause digestive upset, poor growth and a pot-bellied appearance. Roundworms can cause disease in humans, especially children, and can even lead to blindness.


Your pet can pick up tapeworm whilst scavenging, hunting wildlife and from fleas. Tapeworm can be identified in your pet’s faeces, they look like grains of rice.

We also offer a wormer for rabbits to control a parasite called E Cuniculi. Signs of this disease include head tilt, blindness, hind limb weakness, kidney disease and seizures.