Reproduction – Embryo Transfer

We have many years of experience and expertise in equine reproduction.

Embryo Transfer

Whether you wish to breed from your mare without interrupting her training or wish to produce more than one foal per breeding season, we can help you achieve this with Embryo Transfer.

The technique is also used in some infertile mares to allow a surrogate mare to carry the donor mare’s foal. It involves flushing the embryo from the donor mare at 8 days after conception and transferring the embryo into a synchronised recipient mare.

  • Insemination – chilled – £219.55
  • Insemination – frozen – £286.70
  • Synchronise Recipient Mare – £167.89
  • Flush Donor Mare – £303.49
  • Transfer Embryo – £209.85
  • Pregnancy Scan – £50.73
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