Our hospital provides a wide and comprehensive range of diagnostic and surgical facilities to enable thorough and accurate investigation diagnosis and treatment.


  • Diagnostic Laboratory
  • X-ray machines – both mobile and hospital-based for complete x-ray investigative procedures
  • Ultrasound machines – both mobile and hospital-based including probes for orthopaedic, medical and reproductive investigations
  • A full range of dental equipment including motorised rasps for surgical and non-surgical corrective procedures
  • Endoscope including video-endoscope for diagnostic use and arthroscopy for orthopaedic ‘keyhole’ surgery
  • Safe and efficient anaesthetic delivery systems with routine ECG and mean arterial blood pressure monitoring/support
  • A modern, purpose built surgical room incorporating a safe, padded induction/recovery box for operations under general anaesthesia
  • Stocks for minor procedures, investigations and standing surgery
  • A joint measurement board approved facility for official measurings
  • Ample stables with on-site 24-hour nursing care and supervision
  • Trot up surface and lunge area for lameness investigations
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