Covid 19 and Equine dental care
To ensure we work within government social distancing guidelines and to protect our staff and our clients, we have introduced a change to equine dentistry at Aireworth Vets. All horses receiving dental treatment will now be required to be sedated by the treating vet, this change will be put in place indefinitely.
Sedation allows a safe, thorough, and modern approach to equine dentistry. Using a light amount of sedation will help to keep your horse calm and still during their dental examination. Sedation negates the need to have you, the owner holding your horse during the procedure and reduces face to face contact with the vet. Once the horse is sedated, clients will be asked to remain outside of the stable whilst the vet treats your horse.
Sedation reduces the movement of your horses head, tongue and cheek muscles allowing better visualisation of the entire mouth and therefore a more thorough examination can be completed to ensure that any problems are identified and treated as soon as possible.
Only veterinary surgeons are able to legally sedate horses. Most equine “dentists” or equine dental technicians cannot provide sedation, anaesthetic or pain relief to horses during dental examinations and so are unable to perform the range of dental treatments available by our vets.
If you have any questions regarding sedating your horse for dental treatment, you think your horse has a dental problem or would like to book in a routine examination please contact us on ‪01535 602988‬.