Zone Visits

Since 2005, Aireworth Vets have offered a popular 'Zone Visit' to carry out routine and non-urgent equine work at a reduced cost.

Payment is required at the visit for drugs, treatment and time - if you need expert advice; but the cost of the visit is subsidised by Aireworth Vets. The visit must be pre-booked and you can ask for an estimated price for the service needed.


Allocated Zone Visit Days

North - Monday

East - Tuesday

South - Wednesday

West - Thursday

Central - Friday



If you cannot be available throughout the day - a zone visit would not be appropriate


Criteria for booking

Zone visits must be pre-booked - They should be booked well in advance to ensure availability. Pre-booking enables staff to plan the work load efficiently.

You cannot specify vet/time - To make the system work we need to be flexible about the vet attending and the time of day. We strongly recommend case continuity and therefore ideally the vet who first attends should continue to monitor progress and response treatment. For this reason, re-examinations of on-going cases are not available on zone visits.

Zone visits are ideal for routine work - i.e vaccinations, micro-chips, simple dental work, passports, first consultations for minor problems. Zone visits do not cover work such as castrations, re-examinations, surgical procedures, purchase examinations, lameness investigations, complex dental work, endoscopy, scanning and x-rays - a normal visit must be booked for these procedures - prices start from £42.00

Clients must call before 9am the morning of the visit - It is important you contact the office between 8.30-9.00am on the morning of your visit to be given your two hour allocated time slot. You or a responsible person must be available throughout the 2 hours to be with your horse and answer any questions the vet may have.


Significant problems occur when clients forget or cancel at the last minute. Requests for updates on the arrival of the vet cannot be satisfied.