VIP Club

What is included?

Two health checks per year

Annual vaccinations for adult pets/primary course for puppies/kittens

Dog/puppy membership includes Kennel Cough vaccination

Year round treatment for fleas, worms and other parasites

5% off all food, toys and other items for sale in the waiting room


Puppies/kittens (under one year old) also benefit from:


Routine neutering


Senior membership is available for older VIPs (over 7 years) who will benefit from:

Annual wellness profile (blood test)

Annual blood pressure check



Membership can cost as little as £11 per month, which can be paid by a simple Standing Order. The total annual cost of membership is less than the cost of paying for each item separately. The membership is managed by the practice which is why we keep the cost so low.


How to join?

Just speak to a member of staff and they will help you complete a short joining form. We will need to see a form of ID and you will need to provide your bank details.