A vetting is an examination conducted in 'stages' following a particular format. The horse is assessed in terms of its suitability for purchase for a given use. Different criteria assume different importance for different uses.

Please remember, we can only discuss our findings with the purchaser as we are acting on behalf of them on the day. If the seller is a client, it is our duty to disclose any previous history we may have.


The practice offers two types of vetting:

Two Stage Vettting - Prices start from £140.00 + visit fee

This is often performed if there is a limitation of facilities or horse's educational standard and conists of:


Stage 1 - Preliminary Examination

A methodical examination of the animal's body to assess general appearance and condition. It includes examination of the teeth, the resting heart, eyes by ophthalmoscope, skin, limbs and feet, flexion of limb joints to reveal pain or limitation or movement.


Stage 2 - Trotting up

The animal is walked and trotted on hard, level ground in order to detect gross abnormalities of gait and action.


Five Stage Vetting - Prices start from £216.00 + visit fee

This is the most common examination performed and is an extended, more complex version of the limited two stage vetting.

It follows the same initial two stages as above.


Stage 3 - Strenuous exercise

The animal is given sufficient strenuous exercise to make it breathe deeply and rapidly so that any unusual breathing sound may be heard. It also increases the action of the heart so that any abnormalities may be more easily detected. We also aim to tire the animal so that strains and injuries may be revealed by stiffness or lameness after a period of rest.


Stage 4 - A period of rest

The horse is allowed to stand quietly for a period. During this time the breathing and the heart are checked as they return to their resting levels.


Stage 5 - The second trot and foot examination

The horse is walked and trotted again, turned sharply and backed, in order to reveal abnormalities exacerbated by the strenuous exercise stage.