Travelling Abroad

To prepare yout pet to travel abroad for the first time under the travel scheme, you may need to prepare at least a month before you travel.


Travel Scheme Criteria

Microchip - Your pet must have a permanent microchip in place. It should ideally meet ISO specifications so that it can be read by any standard microchip reader.

Vaccination - Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies (not before 3 months old). Some countries require more frequent vaccinations than recommended on the vaccine manufacturers data sheet - it is important to check requirements of your destination country. Pets can leave the UK 21 days after the vaccination.

Passport - Your pet must have an EU passport signed by an official vet confirming all criteria has been met. Some countries have extended requirements therefore it is important to check.

Ticks/Worms - Up to 48 hours before you return to the UK, any dog must be treated for ticks and tapeworm by an authorised vet. You must make an appointment with a vet in the country you are visiting.


Travel Tips

Our vets and nurses can offer lots of advice about keeping your pets safe, comfortable and calm when travelling. We stock a range of carrying cages, harnesses and can also suggest products to help your pet travel stress free. 


Travel Bugs

There are several nasty bugs that you may want more information on. Our practice can offer your pet protection from all of these.