Tetanus Vaccination

We stongly recommend that all horses, ponies and donkeys are regularly vaccinated against the most common diseases.

Course of 3 injections

1st vaccination - from 4 months old

2nd vaccination - 28 days after (approx 4 weeks)

3rd vaccincation - 1 year after

This is followed by a booster every other year (every 24 months)


Clinical Signs

Gradual progressive stiffness

Reluctance to move

Startled expression - flaring of nostrils

Difficulty chewing

Erect ears

Tail head out

Increased reactions to sudden movement

Violent or general spasms


Diagnosis and Treatment

Most horses do not survive a tetanus infection; however sedatives, muscle relaxants, antitoxin and intensive nursing may be used to try save the horse.

The bacterium survives in areas with little/no oxygen, so deep wounds provide ideal conditions for the bacteria to multiply.

Tetanus can not be spread between horses.

Minimise the risk of injury by checking fences and removing harmful materials from stables, paddocks and yards.

If a wound is found on an unvaccinated horse or pony, no matter how small, please do not heistate to contact the practice to administer a tetanus antitoxin without delay.