Practice History

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons was founded in 1844, by 'gentleman' who had obtained veterinary qualifications from either London or Edinburgh veterinary colleges.

In 1877, there were 3 registered veterinary surgeons resident in Keighley; Sameul Seed at Victoria Avenue, Percy Brownrigg at Skipton Road and George William Carter at Townfield. Mr Carter was the senior, having qualified in London in March 1875, and is considered the founder of our practice.


Early 20th Century

In 1910, Hubert Marsden Holland joined George Carter having also qualified in London in 1907. Mr Carter retired to Knareborough in 1912 where 17 years later, at the age of 75 he unfortunately took his own life.

Mr Holland obtained his Fellowship of Royal College in 1913. He continued to run the practice with the help of assistants until George Ronnald Bargh BSc joined him in partnership in 1944.


Post War Years

In 1951 Mr Holland decided to retire, but continued to live in Utley until he passed away in 1965 aged 79. Mr Bargh also chose to leave the practice and return to Caton in Lancashire to run a family business.

That same year, Murdo Ferguson became an assistant in the practice and in 1952 was joined by his friend Doanld Campbell. Ferguson and Campbell had both graduated from Glasgow College when they purchased the practice. They ran the practice together until 1956 when Mr Ferguson passed away after attending a house call in Cottingley.

In 1956, George Edward Crabtree - another London graduate - joined Mr Campbell and continued to run the business with the help of various assistants. John Michael Green BVSc, a Bristol graudate worked in the practice from 1958, and in 1962 joined as a partner.

Mr Campbell moved into a more administrative role in 1969, with the MAFF. This led him onto employment with the PDSA, after which he retired to Nottinghamshire before passing away in 2004. Thomas Michael Russell BVMS replaced Mr Campbell in 1970, having worked in Bedale after graduating from Glasgow in 1961.

In early 1971 Mr Crabtree retired and lived in Laycock. In the same year, Leonard Jospeh Greaves BVMS, who joined the practice from Pontefract, took Mr Crabtree's place. In 1985, Mr Crabtree died suddenly while treating a sick cow in Lothersdale.


Green, Greaves and Thomson

The practice changed its name to Green, Greaves and Thomson when Colin William Thomson BVM&S joined in 1986 - an Edinburgh graduate. The partnership was expanded in 1989, when Mr Green's son David Scrymgeour Green BVSc joined. Mr D S Green was awarded his Certificate in Equine Practice in 1992.

In 1994, Aireworth Vets was born when the partners designed and commissioned the new premises which were now located on Aireworth Road.

Mr Green senior retired in 1999 and was succeeded by Matthew J Butterell BVSc in 2000. Mr Butterell was awarded his Certificate in Equine Surgery in 2001.

Mr Greaves retired in 2004 and was succeeded by Nicola J Green BVSc, who had joined the practice in 1989. David Green left the practice in 2009 to work for the Veterinary Defence Society and was replaced by one of our equine vets, John Millar BVMS.

Sadly, two of our previous partners, Mr Crabtree and Mr Green passed away in 2011.