These can vary enormously with some offering 'cover for life' and some specifying a 'maximum benefit' for each condition. Some policies will only cover a condition for a certain period of time e.g. 12 months. Many a time they also have specific exclusions e.g. dental treatment may only be covered if your pet has regular checks.

In our experience, Vetsure policies provide the greatest peace of mind. One of our nurses will be happy to discuss the best policy for your pet. You may even qualify for 5 weeks free insurance cover while you decide what is best for you.


Making a claim

Whenever you visit the surgery for treatment covered by your insurer, please bring a claim form with you. You do not need to wait until treatment is completed before making a claim.

You will need to fill in the 'owner details' sections of the form, making sure you have signed the relevant box. Our vet will provide details of any relevant treatment given. We then send the completed forms to your insurer, keeping a record of any forms processed, dates sent and any payments received.

We ask all clients to pay for any treatment at the time and request any insurance settlement is paid to the client. Our practice does not normally charge for completing and processing insurance claim forms on behalf of our registered clients.


Please be aware we cannot guarantee you will be covered. Claims can be declined for several reasons such as problems with premium payments, cover expiry, or pre-existing history of a similar illness.