Horses are expensive to buy and keep, therefore insurance provides a way of enabling the horse owner to obtain financial assistance when things go wrong. Policies and terms of cover can vary so it is best to look around for cover that suits your budget, circumstances and activities for which you use your horse.

A common term used in equine policies is 'human destruction' - there is often confusion over what this means. It usually covers against fatal accidents and life threatening injury/disease. Chronic, long standing conditions are excluded - so please clarify with your insurance company any concerns.


Making a claim

If your horse receives treatment you would like to claim for, you should inform your insurance company.

Fill in the 'owner details' section of your form, making sure you have signed the relevant box and hand it to a member of staff.

Our vets will provide details of any relevant treatment given. We then send the completed forms to your insurer, keeping a record of any forms processed, dates sent and any payments received. 

We ask that you indicate for the insurance company to pay the practice direct, unless you have already settled your account in full with us. Our practice does not normally charge for completing and processing insurance claim forms on behalf of our registered clients. 


Please be aware we cannot guarantee you will be covered. Claims can be declined for several reasons such as problems with premium payments, cover exipry or pre-exisiting history of a similar illness.