Flock Health Planning

We offer flock health planning and tailor advice to individual flock need. Our vets are available to discuss probelms, offer solutions and conduct flock health investigations. 

What will the plan cover?

Vaccinations such as Heptavac-P, Lambivac-P, Footvax, Toxovax, Enzovax and Scabivax.

Worming control in accordance with the sustainable control of parasite system (SCOPS).

Fluke and fly control within the flock.

Feed control married with periodic condition scoring of ewes.

Routine measures taken for prevention and control of foot problems e.g. examination, trimming, foot-bathing.

Lambing management, lambing areas and the lambing procedure itself - mastitis in the flock.

The circumstances under which sheep should be culled including prolapses.

Identification and traceability of the flock and measures put in place for any sheep that have incorrect identification.

Biosecurity of the premises including isolation facilities and stock proof fencing amongst other issues.

The vet will also be happy to advise on a month by month calendar to include worming, vaccinations and lambing dates.