Dermatology Clinics

At Aireworth Vets we know how worrying it is if your pet develops skin problems.

Some of the common signs are:


Hair Loss

Discoloured Fur



Your pet may chew/lick/scratch any area of the body


Pets may occasionally develop minor problems with their skin such as an infection or a problem with their anal glands. In simple cases, these can usually be cleared with a single course of treatment.

For ongoing or recurring problems, further investigation is required. Skin problems can be very complex so a thorough history is required; we look at all aspects of your pet's daily life so this can be quite time consuming!

Skin problems can be very complex and it can take multiple visits and tests to reach a diagnosis. In some cases a definitive diagnosis can not be reached, it is still usually possible to develop a treatment programme to manage the problem to an acceptable level.

Relieving your pet's discomfort is our highest priority!