Castration - Surgery

Prices start from £280 which includes surgical castration, sedation, local anaesthetic, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and antibiotic - administered by injection, suture material and anaesthetic gas (if required). 

Surgical Castration

We suggest any stallions over 3 years old be brought into the practice as they may require a surgical castration.


Prior to surgery

A sedative is administered by intramuscular injection to reduce stress.

The horse will be moved into the knockdown box which is heavily padded with a soft floor. The horse is heavily sedated so we can insert a catheter into the jugular vein in the neck.

The anaesthetic is then administered using the catheter.

Once the horse is lying down we place the ET tube - this is connected to the anaesthetic machine which helps the horse to breathe and keeps the horse asleep throughout.

Once breathing is regular the horse is moved to the surgical table using a mechanical winch.


During surgery

A vet is responsible for monitoring the level of anaesthetic given and the horse's health by using a blood pressure monitor, ECG machine and visual observation.

The vet will also administer fluids and further medication as required.

Our experienced nurses are on hand to assist with both the anaesthesia and surgical procedures.



The horse is moved back to the knockdown box where it can recover slowly and calmly.

Throughout the recovery the horse is monitored by vets and nurses who will contact you once the horse is fully recovered.

Following a general anaesthetic we like to keep your horse overnight for further observations.