Castration - Standing

We can normally perform a standing castration at your yard. We would require a clean, quiet stable with good light and a supply of clean water.

Prices start from £170 and includes castration, sedation, local anaesthetic, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and an antibiotic - administered by injection.


Standing Castration Procedure

This would apply if your horse is under 3 years old.

Checking for the presence of 2 testicles.

Administering sedation through intravenous injection - once this has taken effect, the area is thoroughly cleaned and prepared.

A local anaesthetic is injected into the testicles and scrotum to numb the area.

The testicle is pulled to the base of the scrotum and an incision made to release it using an emasculator. Both testicle and epididymis are removed to prevent hormone imbalances.

The emasculators squeeze together and cut the spermatic cord.

Once both testicles are removed, the incisions are left open to drain - these are not stitched to avoid swelling and infection.


We advise Shetland/Miniature ponies and donkeys be brought into surgery where we may be able to perform the castration at the same price as a standing colt castration.